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Our internal and external experts will help you develop the requirements for your system by applying the rules of ILS / LSA.  An essential part of that activity, is the tailoring of the system at the beginning of the process.

Following the rules of ILS / LSA, there will be training programs and facilities available which meet the needs of the customer and the system. AdvanTec Engineering GmbH is working stand-alone or in close cooperation with the teams of our international customers, to provide maximum flexibility.


AdvanTec Engineering GmbH will support the development of new UAV systems. During development, we pay careful attention to new and existing military certification standards to ensure all requirements are fully defined.


Which concepts can be applied in an early design phase to make sure the life cycle cost will be kept to a minimum? What methods can be used to assess the cost of disposal during the development phase, even when they may apply decades from now? And how can a design be modified to make sure that the targets can be met? Together with our customer we will develop answers to these questions based on our experience across all different industries.

C³ Systems

How does command, control and communication systems need to be developed while considering safety and security? How is it possible to implement modified requirements in an ongoing development, while maintaining schedule and cost? We look forward to developing solutions together with you.

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