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AdvanTec Engineering GmbH takes a systematic and structural approach by applying SYSTEMS ENGINEERING techniques to navigate any project.  Our team members have decades of experience in the development of complex systems as well as the operation of capital equipment. This know-how is the basis of our success and the passion that drives our business.

Our philosophy: nothing is impossible.

The knowledge base of our company is continuously developing by attending training classes across all different industries, as well as participation in various research projects. In our projects, we apply a combination of new methodologies with best practices. For our customers, we offer maximum flexibility while ensuring a high level of quality.

It is our objective to develop innovative, safe and reliable products using a well-structured development process, tailored to meet our customer’s needs. We consider the whole system and the interactions between subsystems and their components to ensure highest level of quality.

We will support you to achieve a mature product:

Depending on the industry, individual standards requiring specific activities and processes are to be applied. In some cases, the application of these standards is defined as mandatory for certification to ensure a safe product. A few examples of such standards are:

  • SAE ARP4754, aerospace, general system development
  • SAE ARP4761, aerospace, general system safety
  • RTCA DO-178, aerospace, development of complex software
  • RTCA DO-254, aerospace, development of complex hardware
  • RTCA DO-160, aerospace, general system verification (environment)
  • ISO 15288, development of general electronic components
  • ISO 12207, development of general software products
  • ISO 26262, Road Vehicles – Functional Safety
  • ISO 25119, Tractors and Machinery for Agriculture and Forestry – Safety-Related Parts of Control Systems
  • IEC 61508, Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems

For more than a decade, our customers have used our technical expertise and practical experience.

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